We are ushering in a new era of an eco-friendly environment. This not only helps us to enhance our efficiency & productivity but also puts forth a picture of clean, green and socially responsible corporate sector.

We are one of the most promising consultancy services, which cover the wide spectrum of advanced agriculture. We are a team of experienced technocrats & we do offer our expertise range from the selection of site, a survey of better crop choice, advance soil & effluent water testing, recycling of effluent water for eco-environment, floricultural, tree plantation aesthetically designed garden, maintenance of garden to post-harvest techniques.

We ensure that you get utmost satisfaction out of our services be it designing of your garden, landscaping or maintenance.

Garden Design

We provide Garden design services for all scenarios. If you have a brand new garden to create or you are looking to improve your existing garden, we can create a garden design for you taking into consideration your style, needs and garden capabilities.

We provide the following in Garden designing:

  • All views of the prefect on the time scale.
  • Cost of designing the garden.
  • Design of other garden accessories i.e. wooden bench, garden entrance and chairs, fountains etc.
  • Yearly schedule guide of manures, plant mixtures, insecticides, fungicides etc.
  • Yearly schedule guide of seasonal plants (when, where & how to grow them?)
  • Reasons of every plant, tree, shrubs (why this plant only? Why not other?)

Garden Landscaping

We provide garden landscaping services for residential as well as commercial clients. In this area of service, we provide you with the means to construct your garden with your chosen design.

  • We do the implementation of your garden:
  • Soil test and supply of nutrients according to the requirements.
  • Recycling of effluent water for eco-friendly environment.
  • Tree plantation.
  • Fountains, musical fountains, water falls and other water features.
  • Zen garden, Californian garden, rock garden, terrace garden, Mogul garden and many more.
  • We provide 1(one) month free supervision.

Garden Maintenance

We provide garden maintenance services for residential as well as commercial clients. In this area of service, we provide lawn care and maintenance, shrub reshaping, hedge cutting and trimming and all that is required to make your garden look at its best.

We provide the maintenance service of a day to day, weekly, monthly basis. We have more schemes to suit your requirements.

Who can utilize our services…

  • Corporate
  • MNC
  • Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls/Multiplexes/Cinemas
  • Corporate Guest Houses
  • Cafeterias
  • Bungalows
  • Residential

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